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In the second Craig Winston book of the series "Craig Meets Dave and Learns About Autism, Bullying, and Friendship" Craig and his and best friend Ben befriend Dave, a classmate who is on the autism spectrum, and come to discover the hard way what it can be like to live in Dave's world.

During baseball practice one afternoon Craig notices Dave walking home along the path circling the baseball field, his open backpack hanging loosely from one shoulder, art supplies spilling out onto the walkway, colored pencils and crayons rolling around on the ground and sketches flying away in the wind. As Dave tries to grab for one of his sketches he stumbles and, as his backpack slides off of his shoulder, starts to fall forward! Craig starts running across the baseball field to try to reach Dave in time. As he runs he hears his team mates laughing and calling out ugly names.

The story continues with Craig, Ben and even their family and friends becoming targets of the school's meanest bullies simply because of their friendship with Dave.

The illustrated chapter book tells a suspenseful story while creating autism awareness and teaching values of inclusivity, empathy and understanding.

"Craig Meets Dave and Learns About Autism, Bullying, and Friendship" was published by author Susanne Breckwoldt in 2011, illustrated by Allen Donahue, edited by Megan Curley and designed by graphic artist Michael Saridis. The book is available at Barnes & and everywhere.



Who is Craig Winston?

Craig Winston is a lovable green bear who is quickly winning over the hearts of everyone who comes to know him! In his debut, Craig appears in the children’s book: The Story of Craig Winston: An Adopted Bear. The story finds Craig feeling stunned and confused when he accidentally overhears his parents telling his Grandma and Grandpa that he has been adopted. With the help of his best friend Ben, Craig tries to come to terms with this shocking discovery.

Published in July 2009 by Author House, the book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and local booksellers. The author, Susanne Breckwoldt, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist. Illustrations are by Allen Donahue. The book is accompanied by a set of discussion sections, written by Dr. Samuel Feinberg.

art contest

Kids! Your Art Could Be Published!

The next Craig Winston book offers a chance for your original work of art and your name to appear in the book! The book is called "Emily Visits Her Grandparents, Solves a Mystery and Overcomes Her ANX-I-E-TY" or "The Emily Book" for short. 

"The Emily Book" picks up the story where "Craig Meets Dave and Learns About Autism Bullying and Friendship" left off. In the book Emily, one of Craig's twin sisters, visits her grandparents for the summer and finds herself caught up in a real adventure. Grandma and Grandpa Winston live in a huge  house that looks like a castle. Grandma and Grandpa have traveled all over the world and have a collection of amazing souvenirs and works of art they have brought back from their many trips.

Their house is like a museum! Everywhere you look there is something fun and colorful, a hand-painted mask, a carved wooden pirate ship, dolls of all sizes with beautiful costumes, a train set that has a room all to itself (one of Grandpa's favorites), tapestries with unicorns and mythical figures that cover the walls, musical instruments, framed photographs, paintings, a statue of an elephant and even a little robot named Peter! Grandpa Winston decides to sponsor an art contest for kids.